If it is difficult for you to drop it off, please contact Shlomo and Ahuva Goldberger at 410-358-4456 to arrange a pickup, Privacy Policy BALTIMORE — Three sisters at an all girls Jewish school in Baltimore have been sent home and are being monitored by the State Health Department over possible exposure to the coronavirus. Lowest grade taught: Prekindergarten - Highest grade taught: 12th grade Bnos Esther H.S. Login . We're an independent nonprofit that provides parents with in-depth school quality information. Whether in academics or programming, the overarching ruach at school is one of striving for supreme levels of Torahinspiration and commitment. Private School. Tu B;Shevat tribute to Elka Rottman as she steps down from the Sisterhood Presidium. //time = suntime(15, 01, 2021, 90, 50, 76, 42, 0, 39, 22, 0, -4); Baruch Hashem, I am now a fully observant Torah Jew, but when I was growing up I did not go to a Jewish school, I never went to synagogue, and I did not keep Kosher. Bnos Yisroel Girls High School in Scranton, Pennsylvania serves 15 students in grades 9-12. In a letter sent out to parents and staff at Bnos Yisroel, the sisters had indirect contact with someone in New York who tested positive for the virus. The Novice Teacher Award Aliza Mann, Ohr Chadash Academy. Grades: PreK - 8. I actually thought that Kosher meant certain Israeli recipes. View the 2020-2021 school supply lists for this school. //time = suntime(8, 01, 2021, 90, 50, 76, 42, 0, 39, 22, 0, -4); //time = suntime(22, 01, 2021, 90, 50, 76, 25, 0, 39, 20, 0, -4); //time = suntime(8, 01, 2021, 90, 50, 76, 25, 0, 39, 20, 0, -4); View their 2020-21 profile to find tuition cost, acceptance rates, reviews and more. The tune was so moving and the harmony so uplifting, I so clearly felt Shabbos descend on your little shul that night. But he believes the biggest indicator of growth is day school enrollment. On Friday night, we davened in your shul. Dr. Chaya Bina Samuels, Bnos Yisroel. Baltimore, MD - Apr. whether you are a longtime member or a new member ; to get the latest edition of our bulletin, the Lev Echad; check the Shiur schedule; become more acquainted with the Tiferes Yisroel family Bais Yaakov of Spring Valley; Bnos Malka of Queens Bnos Yisroel in the 6300 block of Park Heights Avenue stayed open Thursday but said it was in the process of disinfecting the school after three students were ... Baltimore Community Calendar. 36 cents a day. National | Jewish Abilities Alliance | info@jewishabilities.org. The day school for girls, located at 6300 Park Heights Ave., is the former home of Har Sinai and the now-defunct Yeshivat Rambam Maimonides Academy. He cited growing enrollments at Cheder Chabad of Baltimore, Bnos Yisroel of Baltimore, Ohr Chadash Academy and others. 27, 2020 - This week’s distribution of Breakfast and Lunches at Bnos Yisroel: • Please pay attention to changes to the distribution schedule • Distribution times each day will be divided by number of meals being picked up: • 11:15-12:15 - Cars picking up 1 to 4 meals • 12:30 - 1:30 - Cars picking up 5-7 meals Officials say that the students will not return to school until they are cleared by the Baltimore City Health Department. When your pushka is full, empty it into a ziplock bag marked with your name, and drop it into the locked mailbox at 3310 W. Strathmore Avenue. A beautiful pencil lithograph of Rabbi Goldberger, drawn by Rabbi Hillel Shepard. Test Scores: Find Bnos Yisroel test scores on the Maryland Education Department website More about Bnos Yisroel Students ... Calendars, etc. The Innovation and Technology Award Rabbi Elchonon Ciment, Talmudical Academy. your username. April 4, 2008. Bnos Yisroel is a private high school located in Baltimore, MD and has 482 students in grades Pre-Kindergarten through 12th. Find out more about ShulCloud, Bais Medrash Dedication - Rabbi Goldberger, Rabbi Goldberger has everyone up and dancing at the TA Banquet (Credit: Baruch Bitman, Simcha Photo), Rabbi Goldberger Leading Community Tehillim for Iran Deal (Credit: Jeff Cohn, Baltimore Jewish Life), Rabbi Giving ATV Rides at the Shul Picnic, Rabbi and Eitan Katz perform at our 31st Anniversary celebration, Rabbi and Yehuda Green perform at our 32nd Anniversary Celebration, President Binny and helpers build an entrance to the ezras nashim, Yonatan Razel -- 33rd Anniversary Concert. Additionally, three students at Baltimore all-girls Jewish school Bnos Yisroel were sent home this week for having potential indirect contact with a New Yorker suffering from the virus. $1 goes to the tzedaka of your choice, and 25¢ goes to Tiferes Yisroel. ... School Supply Lists. Rivka Zinnes, Baltimore, MD: Bnos Yisroel, Grade 5 OU Kosher Staff. Bnos Yisroel is the 46th largest private high school in Maryland and the 1,240th largest nationally. // end hide --> “I get called once or twice a year from somebody who’s either looking for space for a school to expand, or starting a new school,” he said. Details of student/teacher ratio, student ethnicity, and subsidized lunch for Bnos Yisroel in Baltimore, Maryland Los Angeles; Bnos Bais Yaakov of Far Rockaway Grades 1 - 5; Bnos Bais Yaakov of Far Rockaway Grades 6 - 8; Bnos Bobov 45 Elementary ; Bnos Bobov 45 H.S. Bnos Ahavas Yisroel Viznitz Williamsburg H.S. 5:06 PM, Copyright Baltimore Jewish Life 2009 - 2021, MENTAL HEALTH (PSYCHOTHERAPISTS / COUNSELORS). //time = suntime(15, 01, 2021, 90, 50, 76, 25, 0, 39, 20, 0, -4); Log into your account. Starting Thursday, May 21, Bnos Agudas Yisroel launched Bnos Chessed Week, inviting all girls in 2nd to 6th grades to cheer up a friend or family member with a daily 5-minute phone call. and the shul will receive a percentage of your purchase. Sun Mon Tues Wed Thu Fri Sat; 29 Kislev 13. The pushka challenge is to put something into a pushka every day, e.g. become more acquainted with the Tiferes Yisroel family, * 2017 Israel Sheva Brachos for Rafi and Molly Kristall-Weiss (8 photos), * Sisterhood Tribute to Elka Rottman -- January 23, Sisterhood TuB'Shevat Tribute to Elka Rottman. And as the melody resonated in my soul, I could see through the mechitzah the men dancing, some of them with little children on their shoulders, and all I could think was, they are really greeting Shabbos! The High School represents the final stage of our students’ growth and development as true Bnos Torah, aiming for highest goals in living their lives according to our hallowed Mesorah – Tradition. Bnos Yisroel located in Baltimore, Maryland - MD. THE EFFECT. It is loosely affiliated with the international World Agudath Israel. Chore Charts. //time = suntime(1, 01, 2021, 90, 50, 76, 25, 0, 39, 20, 0, -4); your password Representatives from Bais Yaakov School for Girls, Bnos Yisroel, Cheder Chabad, Ohr Chadash Academy, Talmudical Academy, Torah Institute, and Toras Simcha in Baltimore sent a joint letter to parents explaining the decision to cancel Purim activities. Our goal is to raise $850,000 in 24 hours. As the dancing circle of men drifted to their seats, the spell lifted – or rather, the spell came upon us – and a distinct sensation was so noticeably apparent: Shabbos is here. We warmly welcome Jews of all backgrounds. Bnos Yisroel School enrolls 317 school students from grades PK-9. Main Switchboard: 443-548-7700 Weather Related Announcements: 410-363-4051 Executive Office: 443-548-7700 x 5 Lower Elementary Office: 443-548-7700 x 4 It has a student teacher ratio of 9.0 to 1. Rebbetzin Hindy Motzen, in addition to being a mother of four children and guidance counselor at Bnos Yisroel, serves as a true partner to Rabbi Motzen in leading the congregation. Rate Bnos Yisroel. Join us to help raise funds for our shul with our matching campaign. // end hide --> Scrip is available for giving tzedaka for $1.25 each. // end hide --> //time = suntime(29, 01, 2021, 90, 50, 76, 25, 0, 39, 20, 0, -4); THE BNOS YISROEL EFFECT is TRANSFORMATIVE. 6:45a Shacharis Agudath Israel of America (Hebrew: אגודת ישראל באמריקה ‎) (sometimes called Agudah) is an American organization that represents Haredi Orthodox Jews. Member Terms, ©2021 All rights reserved. It makes great things happen every day. //document.write( timeadj(time[3] - 18.0/60.0, ampm)); // end hide --> Every dollar you donate to this campaign will be QUADRUPLED by a group of generous donors. But what moved me most, and I believe my friends, as well, was the magnificent singing of Lecha Dodi. From Monsey to Detroit, from Lakewood to Baltimore, from Brooklyn to Australia, phone lines were humming in the week leading up to Shavuos. Explore our site. Register . ", 6201 Park Heights AvenueBaltimore MD 21215 United States(410) 764-1971, Thu, January 7 2021 Baltimore, MD 21215 (443) 524-3200. Due to a major plumbing project, the historic Orthodox congregation will hold Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur services in the main sanctuary of Bnos Yisroel of Baltimore. A peak through the mechitzah seeing so many types of Jews davening in harmony to the welcoming speech at the end was one level. //document.write( timeadj(time[3] - 18.0/60.0, ampm)); //time = suntime(22, 01, 2021, 90, 50, 76, 42, 0, 39, 22, 0, -4); Cheder Chabad Baltimore, MD: Private: PK - 06 185 5:1 2 miles Bnos Yisroel Baltimore, MD: Private: PK - 12 482 9:1 2 miles Sudbrook Magnet Middle School Baltimore, MD: Public: 06 - 08 999 16.1:1 2 miles Beth Tfiloh Dahan Community School Baltimore, MD To say that it was inspiring is a tremendous understatement. 4:36 PM,